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Welcome to Medskrift!

Medskrift offers language services to companies active in the Life Sciences, mainly Medicine, translating from English, German, Danish and Norwegian into Swedish, as well as proofreading Swedish writings.

My name is Elisabet Roman and I started this company in 2007. I have a Ph.D. in Medical and Physiological Chemistry and a degree of Master (One Year) of Journalism, both from the prestigious University of Uppsala, Sweden. This gives me the theoretical and practical knowledge to properly manage and translate advanced scientific writings, making the end result well accessible to the intended group. I am also a member of the Swedish Association of Professional Translators, SFÖ, since several years.

If you have texts to be translated with precision into good, proper Swedish, please contact Medskrift. Send the copy, together with information on the project's intended use and deadline, to elisabet@medskrift.se and get a speedy price quote!

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